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CTM Travel

Lufthansa City Center

As a market leader, the volume of travel options our people have access to - through our strategic partnerships and the unique the way in which we use the product – sets us apart.
It’s our superior understanding of strategic travel booking and buying that ensures that your business maximises savings through the effective use of all fare types, car hire rates, last minute hotel rates, client-specific negotiated rates and flexible accommodation rates. The ability of your Travel Consultant to provide the right rates and fares for each business trip is crucial to the longer-term success of your travel program and securing the best airfare deals for you.
Our team is empowered to become an extension of your enterprise and focus on delivering actionable solutions wherever you operate.
We also believe in taking the time to fully understand your business – so we can further customise solutions that match your priorities and your goals.

Dividends for Our Clients

This investment in understanding pays dividends for our clients all and you’ll find that the essential relationships we build with your people will magnify the success of every area of your Travel Program: from achieving maximum savings, to accessing market-leading travel technology, to solving global compliance issues and ultimately delivering seamless end-to-end travel solutions.