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Travel Checklist

So that you do not forget anything during your travel planning, we have put together the most important To Dos for you. Just pick one point after the other and start relaxed on your vacation!

Preparing for the trip:

  • Check passport validity and apply again if necessary (possibly children's pass)
  • Required visa or US travel ESTA travel permit and Canadian ETA travel permit
  • Check the vaccine status and if necessary have recommended vaccinations
  • Possibly apply for an international driver's license
  • Order a foreign health certificate
  • Complete foreign travel health insurance
  • Check the validity of the check / credit card, note the blocked numbers
  • Write down addresses of messages
  • Copy important documents
  • Possibly. Get foreign currency or traveler's checks
  • Travel guides / maps / maps to buy or borrow
  • Possibly. Get sunscreen with high SPF and mosquito repellent (are usually very expensive abroad)
  • Organizing care of plants and pets
  • Check and assemble the first-aid kit, if necessary, obtain prescriptions for regularly taking medications
  • Leave your holiday address, telephone number and key with friends or neighbors
  • Organize arrival to the airport (if necessary pre-order taxi)

When packing a case do not forget:

  • Check necessary clothing and comfortable shoes
  • Charging devices i.e. mobile phones camera, laptop etc
  • Possibly. Adapter for electrical appliances
  • Camera, memory cards, charger
  • Medicine
  • Ttravel literature
  • Attach a luggage tag with name and address (so that no burglars are attracted, the address should not be directly readable)

Carry-on luggage includes:

  • Flight and / or train tickets, travel documents, telephone number of the travel agency, reservation confirmations
    Identification documents, driver's license, visa if necessary or vaccination certificate
  • Credit and / or check card, cash, travelers checks
  • Mobile phone (Switch off expensive data roaming function, if necessary, buy data volume for foreign countries beforehand)
  • Important medicines, for example for travel sickness
  • Warm clothes for the plane and air-conditioned rooms
  • T-shirt / underwear / toothbrush, neck pillow
  • Chewing gums for pressure equalization during take-off and landing

Important on the departure day:

  • Unplug all the power plugs that are not needed (TV, radio, etc.)
  • Possibly. Turn off the water and heating
  • Empty the fridge
  • Dispose of garbage
  • Turn off the stove and turn off the lights
  • Close all windows and secure against burglary
  • Lock the front door


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